5 Things Pregnant Women Need

Becoming pregnant doesn’t change your entire lifestyle, as many women might have you believe. Some run out at the first sign that they are expecting, and purchase a wardrobe of maternity clothes. These are the ones that instantly, unbelievably, start to have urgent cravings for the strangest of foods. They tire easily and require constant attention and indulgence.

They might even start a dreaded mummy blog, detailing each day’s aches and nausea episodes, along with the latest choice of baby name.

Women who make such a big thing out of pregnancy are sure to take their partners on a rough ride, considering they’ll be at the mum-to-be’s beck and call for the next nine months.

Thankfully, not all women react the same way during maternity. You will meet women who breezed through pregnancy with only very minor morning sickness and discomfort.

While mums-to-be do not require royal treatment or lavish gifts (you’re not the first woman in history to become pregnant!) there are a few things that truly are necessary.

Healthy Foods

Growing babies and the vessels that carry them need a nourishing diet. Whole grains, lean proteins and plenty of fruit and veg are essential during pregnancy, as is a good ante-natal vitamin. It’s also best to make sure to eat regularly throughout the day. Not only will this help a woman to have a healthy pregnancy, it will keep her mood swings at bay by maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Maternity Bras

There’s no faster way for a pregnant woman to become crabby than if she’s wearing undergarments that constrict her in any way. Maternity bras can be bought at the very beginning of pregnancy and will adjust to fit over the entire nine months. Women who think they can continue wearing their regular bras should remember that breasts can increase by up to two cup sizes during pregnancy. Buy maternity bras that double as nursing bras, and you’ll have an item that will last you well beyond pregnancy.

A Little Exercise

Pregnant women have got to keep their bodies moving, if only just a little bit. Regular exercise actually boosts energy levels, by bringing much-needed oxygen to all parts of the body. It improves blood flow, and staying in shape can even make giving birth easier.

Popular forms of gentle exercise during pregnancy include walking, swimming, ante-natal yoga and ante-natal aerobics.

Comfortable Shoes

Basically, high heels during pregnancy are out. Yes you may see celebrities tottering about in their normal footwear, but it’s just not a good idea. When your feet have a tendency to swell the last thing you want to do is constrict them or hold them at an unnatural angle. Plus, wearing high heels increases your chances of falling, which could be very dangerous for baby.

Love and Support

Many strong women have weathered a pregnancy without support, but it’s just so much easier if you’ve got it. Having a helpful partner and caring family members is wonderful, so if you’ve got a pregnant woman in your life, make sure to pamper her as much as possible.

This was a guest contribution by writers from Amoralia.