10 of the Most Memorable Film Soundtracks of All Time

This is likely to be a list that some agree with and some don’t. After all, we all have our favourite film soundtracks and, with so many brilliant ones to choose from, there’s no doubt that, with a list of just 10, I’ll have missed some you love. But here are 10 of the greatest movie soundtracks, as I see it, of all time.

1. Dirty Dancing Soundtrack

Released in 1987, this soundtrack topped the billboard 200 in both 1987 and 1988. It sold 11 million copies in the USA, 2.8 million copies in the UK and 2 million in Germany, to name just a few countries in which it was a hit. With highlights including, ‘She’s Like the Wind,’ ‘I’ve Had the Time of my Life,’ and ‘Hungry Eyes,’ film fans were spoiled with the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and it continues to sell to this day more than 25 years later.

2. About a Boy Soundtrack

Accompanying the 2002 to accompany the awesome film, the About a Boy  soundtrack had a real folk pop feel about it. The soundtrack is by Damon Gough (Badly Drawn Boy). Interestingly, the entire soundtrack is by Gough and is absolutely awesome.

Highlights of the soundtrack include “Something to Talk About,” and “Silent Sigh.”

3. (500) Days of Summer

Not only was this 2009 film a brilliant movie, but the soundtrack to (500) Days of Summer is hugely memorable. It felt like the perfect album for me, featuring the Smiths, Regina Spektor, Doves and The Temper Trap (amongst others) I was always going to buy this.

The highlight for me? ‘Please, Please Let me get what I Want.’

4. Juno

This 2008 soundtrack accompanied a coming-of-age film about a teenager who finds herself pregnant. A critically acclaimed film and a beautiful soundtrack. The Juno soundtrack sold well over a million copies in the USA alone. It features Cat Powers, Buddy Holly, the Kinks, Kimya Dawson, Belle and Sebastian and Sonic Youth (amongst others). For me, the highlight is ‘Piazza, New York Catcher.’

5. Grease

We can’t possibly talk about film soundtracks without talking about Grease! Released in 1978, this soundtrack has sold over 17 million copies globally! Highlights include ‘Hopelessly Devoted to you’, ‘Summer Nights,’ and ‘You’re the one that I Want’.

6. Pulp Fiction

A phenomenal film and an equally amazing soundtrack. Released in 1994, the Pulp Fiction soundtrack contained a mixture of rock and roll tracks, pop and soul music. It featured a number of different artists including Kool and the Gang, Urge Overkill, Maria McKee and Al Green. Perhaps the most awesome track to be found on there is Urge Overkill’s cover of the Neil Diamond song ‘Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon.’

7. Romeo and Juliet

The 1996 modern day remake of Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio was a box office hit. Its accompanying soundtrack was also successful and even secured a BAFTA for Best Film Music in 1997. This soundtrack featured a number of artists including the Cardigans, the Wannadies and Radiohead. My personal highlight, Des’ree’s ‘Kissing You.’

8. Inception

As far as film soundtrack scores go, ‘Inception’ was incredible and almost as well received as the film itself. Composed by the notorious Hans Zimmer, it was released in 2010. My personal highlight is ‘Dream within a Dream.’

9. Love Actually

The ‘Love Actually’ soundtrack was released in 2004 and made the top 40 albums in the USA. Featuring artists including Kelly Clarkson, Eva Cassidy, the Calling, Texas, Joni Mitchell, Otis Redding, Dido and Norah Jones, the album was pulled together by Craig Armstrong.

Personal highlight: ‘Turn me on,’ by Norah Jones.

10. Trainspotting

The 1996 Britpop and electronica infused ‘Trainspotting’ soundtrack is immense. It’s really brought to life when you’ve seen the unforgettable film and features a phenomenal range of artists including Iggy Pop, Primal Scream, New Order, Lou Reed, Blur and Pulp! My favorite track from the soundtrack is ‘Born Slippy’ by Underworld.

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