10 Greatest UK X Factor Auditions Ever

The 9th series of the UK’s X Factor kicks off tonight and I, for one, am excited! Yes, I know it’s predictable, often over sentimental and in some episodes little more than a televised freak show. But I’m ok with that. And there actually are, from time to time, some mind blowing first auditions by really talented people. And here are 10 of the greatest ever first auditions on the X Factor.

Craig Colton’s First Audition

Craig Colton surprised his Mum and Dad who were in the audience. He also blew the audience and judges away with an incredible performance of Hiding my Heart Away during the first stage of the 8th series.

G4’s First Audition

Classically trained group, G4, impressed judges in the very series back in 2004 and went on to make it all the way through the finals. They finished 2nd that year to Steve Brookstein. (Steve who??)

Eton Road’s First Audition

I was a huge fan of Eton Road, who wowed judges in the 3rd series of the X Factor (2006). They made it to the live shows.

Paris’ First Audition

In the 3rd season of the X Factor, Paris arrived and stunned the judges. But then she dropped a bombshell – she was just 14 and couldn’t go through to the next round. She came back the following year aged 15 (in a year when the age limit was dropped to 14).

Mary Byrne’s First Audition

Mary Byrne was one of my favourites from the 7th series (2010) of the UK’s X Factor. She made it all the way to the live semi final.


Rachel Hylton’s First Audition

Rachel Hylton’s first audition in the 5th series of the X Factor was amazing. She did make it to the finals, but no performance was ever as good as the first, in my opinion.

Rebecca Ferguson’s First Audition

Rebecca Ferguson was the funner up in the 7th series of the X Factor. Her first audition was brilliant!!

Laura White’s First Audition

Laura White’s first audition (series 5) went incredibly well, particularly considering she wasn’t particularly well that day!

Misha Bryan’s First Audition

Misha Bryan’s first audition was absolutely incredible. She went on to make the finals of last year’s 8th series of the X Factor.

The Keys’ First Audition

The Keys made it through to the judges’ houses stage in last year’s 8th series, where their judge, Tulisa, decided they wouldn’t make the finals. However, in the same group of auditions was another group, The Risk. They were also turned down. But Tulisa then took 3 of the members of the Risk and the lead singer of the Keys to create another group for the finals.

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