5 Ice Cold Honeymoon Destinations to Make your Hair stand on End

A couple’s honeymoon was traditionally intended as a time for the pair to get to know each other properly and intimately for the first time, setting their roles and interactions for the rest of their lives together. These days couples have generally spent a great deal of time together and many already live together before they decide to tie the knot, which means that the honeymoon can simply be a lovely carefree holiday together, before the return to work and home as Mr and Mrs. Many people prefer to go and lie on a beach, acquiring a golden tan and sipping on tall, colourful well-iced drinks, but there is a growing preference for honeymoons to be in unusual destinations surrounded by ice and snow, such as Iceland holidays. Iceland has a wonderland culture, superb cuisine and offers many thrilling activities, making it the perfect place for a completely memorable honeymoon. There are fantastic offers online for holidays into the cold such as Iceland and here is my list of 5 other exciting locations which can make the heart of newly-weds beat faster:

1) Canada

canada honeymoon

Canada has a wonderful blend of vibrant cosmopolitan cities, large amounts of winter snowfall and remote rural destinations for a couple to tailor the honeymoon of their dreams. The scenery in Canada is simply exquisite, sure to provide excellent photo and video opportunities for posting on social media, showing to family and friends back at home, or even simply for the couple to keep as a private memento of this, most important, holiday together. Activities available include skating, skiing and snowboarding, horseback riding, dog sledding and snowmobiling, all of which can make a couple a bit chilly, an excellent excuse for snuggling together in front of a roaring fire later!

2) Lapland

lapland northern lights

Lapland spends much of the time covered with a thick fluffy blanket of snow which is beautiful to look at, especially as herds of reindeer move across the terrain, foraging for grass underneath the snow. Tourism is prized and encouraged in Lapland and guides are available for tours and skiing expeditions. The newly-weds can try a night or two in a glass-roofed igloo, cuddling while they watch the stars and the slow shifting of the ethereal northern lights.

3) Antarctica

couple in iceland

The extreme south of the globe is perhaps the least known area of the world, due in part to the very sever temperatures that can be experienced there. Honeymooners can take advantage of an Antarctic honeymoon cruise, admiring the antics of the penguins and skuas, spotting seals and even whale watching from the comfort of a ship. Cruise organisers try to make sure that their guests can see a good selection of minke whales, orcas and humpback whales from the deck, before setting foot on the coldest continent to learn some of the fascinating history of this challenging area and chat to modern research scientists that are based there. Brave souls can take a kayak out, or even daringly try their hand at scuba diving.

4) Alaska

Flightseeing is a must in Alaska, viewing the terrain from the comfort of a plane to give a greater understanding and appreciation for the island. Tourism to Alaska is taking off and cruises off the shore allow excellent sightings of animals and give excellent perspective on the glaciers. For something really unusual the happy couple can even tie the knot on a glacier, on a whale watching cruise, or even in a kayak surrounded by icebergs! There are even so many accommodations in Alaska which offer you the best views that it doesn’t make it easy to choose a place, because they are just simply stunning.

5) Spitsbergen

spitsbergen star trails

Spitsbergen is an island off Norway that offers a wonderful experience to honeymooners. The happy couple can explore on foot, hiking around the area, or use a snow scooter to cover the ground quickly and easily. Dog sledding is always a fun activity, and water babies can kayak in the sheltered waters close to shore. Guided tours through glacier caves will give a fresh insight into the monster slabs of ice as they crawl slowly ever sea-wards. An excellent event on Spitsbergen is the northern-most blues festival in the world, Dark Seasons Blues held at Longyearbyen every October, just before the sun vanishes for four months or so.

There are an excellent range of choices for a couple determined to chill out on their honeymoon, from the above choices to a stay in an ice hotel in Sweden or a spa resort in Switzerland to a camping trip on the other side of the world. Young, freshly married couples have the world at their feet and there is no better time for them to explore and push their boundaries as far as possible!