5 Simply Stunning Honeymoon Destinations

This a guest post contributed by the writers at Julia Dawson. Julia is dedicated traveller, adventurer and blogger. She is passionate about discovering new vacation spots all over the world and sharing the experience with her readers. Her present article is focused on the ultimate destinations for honeymooners.

One of the most exciting parts about planning your wedding is planning your honeymoon. To celebrate your new life together, and the start of a journey that will last forever, you should pick a destination that truly celebrates your bond and offers you the most opportunities to make memories that you will cherish forever.
While all tourist destinations are exciting and each place has something unique and wonderful to offer, there are certain countries and cities that are especially suited to honeymooners. These places are known for their striking beauty, a general atmosphere and feeling of romance and joy in the air and tonnes of fun things for couples to do together. Here is our list of the most popular holiday destinations for honeymooners and how you can make the most of your trip.

Honeymoons in Paris

Honeymoons in Paris
The iconic Eiffel Tower

Without a doubt, Paris is one of the most popular and most fitting destinations for couples on their honeymoon. Know to be one of the most romantic places in the world Paris is a dream destination for all honeymooners. The Eiffel Tower has perhaps seen more proposals and declarations of love than any other place in the world. The city has achieved iconic status amidst lovers, and you too can breathe in some of that magic on your honeymoon. Celebrate your nuptials by sipping French wines, visiting delightful bakeries and spending time at all the famous places such as the Louvre.

Mauritius for your Honeymoon?

Honeymoons in Mauritius
Gorgeous beaches!

If sun, sandy beaches and sparkling waters are your idea of the perfect vacation, Mauritius is sure to please you. Mauritius has come to be one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world, not only because of the natural beauty and the relaxing atmosphere of the place but also because of the numerous spas and resorts that will pamper you with the best in hospitality and luxury. Watch the sun set while you and your beloved relax on the white sandy beaches, or take strolls down the various markets.

Honeymooning in the Luxurious Caribbean

Honeymoons in the caribbean
Simply stunning

The Caribbean is a favourite with honeymooners from all over and might just be the ideal choice for you and your new spouse too! With so many islands to visit and explore, you will be spoilt for choice! And the photographs you take will amaze you (and others!) for a lifetime, because the Caribbean is truly one of the most picturesque regions in the world. Whether you’re looking for fun activities to enjoy together or a beautiful setting where you can lose yourself in each other’s company, the Caribbean is a fantastic choice.

Honeymoons in Tuscany

honeymoons in tuscany
Picture Perfect

If you want to plan your honeymoon for a place that is picture postcard-perfect, then Tuscany it is! Italy is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places on earth, and Tuscany captures that gorgeousness in so many ways. Whether it is the art and architecture that thrill you (after all, the entire region is known as the Cities of Art) or the idea of tasting some of the finest wines in the world, Tuscany is breathtakingly lovely.

Honeymoons in Historic Greece

honeymoons in greece
Historic Greece

The minute one hears the word ‘Greece’ it conjures up a mental picture of cobbled stone streets and white and blue buildings. Greece is one of the most striking places in the world and home to some of the most loving and welcoming people. If you are planning a summer wedding, choosing Greece for your honeymoon can make for a truly magical and unforgettable time. You can spend your days exploring all that Greece has to offer and your evenings watching the sun set at the beaches. And remember, Greek food is one of the most sought-after cuisines in the world, so do sample as much as you can!