The 10 Most Inappropriate Songs to Play at a Funeral

Just in case you’re asked at any point to select music for a funeral, here are 10 songs we would advise you against picking. While it might be amusing, you probably won’t endear yourself to your fellow funeral goers.

1. Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead!

This is particularly not recommended for the funeral of your Mother-in-Law. Unless you actually are trying to get divorced, in which case go for your life (no pun intended).

If you really want to p*ss people off, play the Glee version. That’s possibly the only thing that could be more annoying…


2. The Jam – Going Underground

Now technically this really is only inappropriate in the case of a burial. Though that’s not to say we’d recommend blasting it out of your iPod on speaker at a cremation. Won’t make you the post popular attendee.

3. Alexandra Burke – Bury Me (6 Feet Under)

Please don’t play this at a funeral… not because it’s inappropriate. Just because it really is a terrible, terrible, terrible song.

“Move out of my way, cos I got dishes to break.”


4. Green Day – Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)

Great song. And actually lyrically not so offensive or inappropriate. It’s the ‘good riddance’ in the title that does it…

5. Dirty Pretty Things – Bang Bang You’re Dead

A surprisingly chirpy song really. But probably not the best one for you’re lovely Granny’s funeral.

6. ACDC – Highway to Hell

This is particularly unlikely to be well received at a Church funeral. Just sayin’.


7. Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive

Perhaps you could get away with this if the funeral’s for someone who really did have a great sense of humour. Or at least whose family and friends do.


8. Lady Gaga – So Happy I Could Die

A song about vanity, touching yourself and having stars in your eyes, all of which culminates in you feeling ‘so happy you could die,’ is probably not going to be the best scene setter. Possibly one of the most inappropriate songs to play at a funeral.

9. Queen – Another One Bites the Dust

An obvious inappropriate one… But everyone loves a bit of Queen, right?

10. Chumbawumba – Tubthumping


Not the best choice to console the broken hearted family of the dearly departed.

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