The Best Interior Design Blogs on the Planet

best interior design blogsWhen it comes to all things visual, the Internet is an amazing muse. But sometimes there’s so much information, it can all be a bit too much. Google ‘interior design blog’ and you get over 80 million results to choose from!

Not sure where to find the best content? No sweat – here are 7 amazing interior design blogs that you’ll want to return to again and again, courtesy of the lovely people at

Blog: Design Sponge

Founder: Grace Bonney

Design Sponge offers stylish solutions for home decorating and party planning, with food and drink columns provided in addition to product articles and an extensive collection of home decoration advice and examples. The incredibly in depth site is updated 8-10 times per day, with city guides even advising on the best places to eat, drink and sleep across the globe.


Blog: Patchwork Harmony

Founder: Caroline Taylor

Not only does Patchwork Harmony provide a blog on the best vintage home designs, but there is also a store for purchasing a selected range of items, and a free online magazine that comes out quarterly. 91 Magazine provides news, tips and trends from a variety of creative contributors. With its expansion into a multi-tiered organisation, Patchwork Harmony has become a vital resource for those interested in retro and vintage home design.

Blog: decor8

Founder: Holly Becker

decor8’s founder, Holly Becker, is a world-renowned author and journalist in the field of interior design. The blog is regularly updated with the latest in interior styles found from around the world, with descriptions and photos to make even the most hardened of designers jealous.

Blog: Design Milk

Founder: Jaime Derringer

Design Milk acts as a conduit between those who have a thirst (excuse the pun) for the best, fresh items in home design and the website which provide them. Regular columns and features allow Design Milk to keep constant communication with their readers. Their team of contributors ensures that the world of home décor, architecture, furniture and fashion is constantly updated. It’s no surprise this is such a popular blog.

Blog: Moregeous

Founder: Sian Astley

Sian Astley and “Team Morgeous” convert properties, with the Morgeous blog dedicated to demonstrating their former makeover projects and the process of current household renovations. Famous for their television appearances, Moregeous has also branched out into providing delicious recipes for fresh, healthy food to go along with the decorative home advice.

Blog: The Design Sheppard

Founder: Stacey Sheppard

If you are looking for a blog with regular interviews with the top names in interior architecture and decorating, then The Design Sheppard is the site for you. Freelance design writer, Stacey Sheppard began the site to collect her favourite designs in one place, but now it is a source of inspiration for many regular readers.

Blog: La Boheme

Founder: Anna Korkobcova

La Boheme is a private blog run by Anna Korkobcova, who shares her inspirations and aspirations in the world of photography, fashion, architecture and interior design. For those who are seeking true beauty from a new blog, then La Boheme’s vast collection of imagery could be the inspiration you were seeking.