The 10 Greatest Manchester United Football Chants

manchester united football chants

The football chant is an art form unto itself. Awkward rhymes and a level of political correctness that, under any other circumstances, would probably be deemed entirely unacceptable, add thousands upon thousands chanting in unison and you have the perfect concoction.

Here are 10 of the most memorable Manchester United chants ever.

1. Shinji Kagawa – His Grandad Bombed Pearl Harbour… Apparently

A relatively new signing, Japanese Shinji Kagawa, has already benefitted from a couple of fan created chants.

I can’t find any videos of this one, unfortunately. But having seen this come up on Twitter earlier on, I can’t possibly not share it.

Very witty indeed. Let’s home Shinji Kagawa’s not the easily offended type and understands it’s meant with affection.

2. Nemanja Vidi? – He’s Going to F***ing Murder You. Yes, You.

An epic, epic chant.

It’s meant with love, of course.

3. You are my Solskjaer

A Solskjaer-flavoured take on a well known song, this is one of my personal favourites. After his pivotal role in the epic treble, this song is likely to be sung for many, many, many years to come. Here it is being enjoyed by United’s away fans at Newcastle’s ground.

4. Wayne Rooney – The White Pele

For anyone struggling to make the words out in the video:

I saw my mate the other day
He told me he’d seen the white Pele.
So I asked, “Who is he?”
“He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney.”
Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney,
He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney.

5. Paul Scholes – He Scores Goals

You might know the tune… it’s that of Kum Ba Yah, a hymn.

6. Carlos Tevez – that t**t from Argentina

Tevez was on the receiving end of some far more favourable chants from the Stretford End regulars, until he moved across town and joined Manchester City. These days, this is all he’ll hear from United home fans. (Starts at 14 seconds).

7. Giggs – He’ll tear your apart (again)

A brilliant, simple chant for an epic and record breaking legend of a player.

8. 12 Cantonas

Not the most complex lyrics, granted. But definitely memorable and a tribute to one of the greatest players to wear the shirt.

9. This is how it feels to be city

Granted, this was more commonly heard before City’s 2012 Premier League title win (last kick of the season). But if it all pans out how it looks as though it will this season, this chant will undoubtedly be on the tips of the tongues of the United Faithful.

10. Gary Neville – he hates scousers

Gary Neville has historically been open with his feeling about intense rivals, Liverpool. These days, though, in his role as a pundit, he has to take a somewhat less biassed stance!