The 5 Best Manchester Blogs


manchester sunset

Manchester is an amazing city. From its 18th century industrial roots to its buzzing cultural landscape today, Manchester’s story is being perpetually rewritten.

Whether you live in Manchester or you’re just planning to visit, it’s all too easy to simply skim the surface of this great city, and miss out on all the interesting stuff that’s bubbling away below.

If you want a real sense Manchester’s heritage and what’s happening now, you need to get it from the source. So check out these 5 amazing Manchester blogs, written by locals, for a glorious glimpse into what this city’s all about…



Created by Hayley Flynn, Skyliner began with a simple idea: look up once in a while and you might see something you’ve never noticed before. The blog has grown into an award-winning journey through Manchester’s architecture, history and art. A few minutes on here and you’re sure to see the city through fresh eyes!

Pubs of Manchester

Pubs of Manchester is a blog devoted to documenting the history of Manchester’s pubs. It is at its most interesting when exploring those that are no longer open for business, with posts featuring archive photography alongside images of what the sites look like today (a mixture of boarded-up buildings, faceless office blocks and featureless fast-food outlets). The blog is a unique insight into ordinary life in Manchester and its surrounding towns, but also quite a gloomy reflection on the disintegration of the communities that once revolved around the city’s forgotten drinking establishments.



A US citizen who’s been writing about Manchester since 2005, Kate Feld describes herself as a “Yankunian lost in the craney city,” and her blog has been labelled “the pick of Manchester culture” by the Guardian no less. For the lowdown on Manchester’s food, drink, art and culture, plus updates on the best bits from the rest of the city’s bloggers, get this one bookmarked!


The Mancorialist

As you may have guessed from the name, The Mancorialist is a rather brazen parody of Scott Schuman’s achingly chic online fashion bible The Sartorialist. A simple photo blog featuring street portraits shot around Manchester, mixed with a few more candid shots, The Mancorialist feels like an antidote to the curiously homogenous vision of impeccably-dressed regular types that we associate with cities like London, New York, Paris and Milan. Instead, this blog celebrates the offbeat, idiosyncratic and individual characters that inhabit Manchester’s streets. If the people are the city, then this blog is essential viewing.

Overheard in Manchester

Another blog that revels in Manchester’s quirky human side, Overheard in Manchester follows a well-worn formula, originally popularised by Michael Malice and S. Morgan Friedman in their Overheard in New York blog. For an addictive insight into Manchester’s unique sense of humour and its occasionally warped collective psyche, look no further!