7 Tips to Enhance Your Student Blog

tips for improving your student blog

A web log or blog is a web page which you can customize, add personal information or even use to promote your skills or products. There are many benefits to creating a personal student blog, primarily in that you can use your blog to express concerns, vent your student views, and offer your friends and family a little insight into which you are, your achievements, and your concerns – it can even be a viable way for future employers to see your skills.

Even so, you want your blog to offer something different to your audience, to be attractive and show off all your information in the best way possible. To make your blog as attractive as possible we have listed below a few creative blog designs.

1 – Get Organized

Before doing anything else you need to organize your thoughts and ideas. Know what type of content you plan on placing here, whether it’s written or a combination of video, written and other content. Ask yourself:

– Who is your audience?

– Will you have a particular niche or industry you plan on blogging about?

– Do you plan on placing Google ads on the website? Will you accept comments from others?

– Will others make guest posts?

– Will you add banners?

These are all questions you must ask yourself before deciding on the theme you want.

2 – The Theme

Choose a theme that your audience will identify with. Look for free WordPress themes that offer the layout you need for the type of blog you want. A search online will result in many creative themes that relate to students.

3 – Choose a Customizable Theme

Be sure to find a theme that allows for header changes, so you can add your own headers and artwork. Additionally, a frequent header change offers more interest to your fellow students.

4 – Offer Recognition

Find or customize a blog theme that lets you give shout outs, praise or recognition. This encourages others to continue to participate on your blog. Be sure to add social buttons so your readers can share your information with their own friends and family. Give shout outs or recognition to active members. This will encourage a healthy and creative atmosphere throughout your blog.

5 – Add Posts that offer Interesting information

Add a new twist on current events, your own insights, research information that is not highly publicized. Use statistics when possible, use investigative techniques. At other moments you may want to offer your personal perspective or humor to your blog.

6 – Create Change Once in a While

Change out your theme for the holidays or any other special occasion. You can even change the theme every few months just to add an aesthetic appearance. Your readers will notice your creativity and come more

often to read what you have to say.

7 – Contests, Games and Riddles

Add interesting contests, riddles or games once in a while. This will keep your readers guessing and entertained. They will continue coming to your website to look for more.

Jennifer Moore is a seasoned blogger and web designer having created many interesting and creative blogs over the years, as well as a frequent contributor to college resource sites such as Degree Jungle. As a long-time artist, she decided several years ago to enter into the blogging sphere, and since has found creating blogs an outlet for her creative energy
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