10 Completely Pointless Things You’re Probably Wasting Way Too Much Money On


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“White man make big fire and sit far away. Indian make small fire and sit close.” What a great North American saying, that shines a light on the wasteful behaviour of the developed world.

While much of the undeveloped world starves, the developed world chucks mountains of food away on a daily basis. As individuals, we waste money on all kinds of unnecessary things, often neglecting to put any money aside for retirement.

The great British comedian, Benny Hill once said: “You can only wear one pair of shoes and one pair of pants at a time.” In other words, how much money do you need to spend?

In this article, we consider 10 completely pointless things that you’re probably wasting too much money on.


Okay, whilst food is necessary for survival, there’s no excusing the fact that mountains of food are slung out with the rubbish each day. Why? Because we are buying too much of it and not planning our meals properly.

There are many conflicting statistics regarding world food waste, but the figure is always greater than 1 billion tons per year, and that amounts to anything from one third upwards of all food produced. As individuals, we need to get our act together and think about what we buy and serve up for our families and ourselves. Every time you scrape a lamb chop into the trash bin ask yourself: “How much did that cost me?”


Whilst clothes aren’t pointless, namely because we’d get arrested if we walked around naked, it is fairly safe to surmise that most people spend too much money on ‘unnecessary’ clothes.

It can also be more economical in the long-term to buy quality clothes as opposed to cheap ones. If, for example, you buy a cheap pair of jeans and at first they seem fine, but after you have worn and washed them a few times and your knee pops out because they are actually low quality junk, the jeans were a false economy and you would have been better off buying some from a reputable and established brand.


Owning a laptop and a smartphone is one thing, do you also need an iPad, a Kindle and a PS Vita? Some scientists have likened constant texting to the behaviour of monkeys grooming each other of fleas – need we say more?

Gym membership

It is a baffling phenomenon to see a person drive a car to the gym and then ride on an exercise bike when they are there. The individual could have saved the fuel and membership costs and gone for a ride on a bike! Unlike expensive gym fees, if you travel to work on a bike each day, you’ll get the money you paid for the bike back very quickly indeed.

Multiple cars per household

Does a household really need two or sometimes even three cars? Does Mum really need one to take the kids two miles down the road?

The chances are that you are probably wasting too much money on a car and driving anywhere in rush hour traffic could be accomplished as quickly on a bike, for a snippet of the cost.


Tobacco is becoming increasingly expensive in Europe nowadays and won’t do you any good – definitely a pointless, unnecessary and expensive item.


Drugs are expensive, dangerous, and not to mention illegal – definitely a massive waste of money! Seek out natural highs instead.


As it is getting increasingly expensive to heat your house using oil, gas electricity or coal, it might be time to fit a wood-burning stove, especially if you can collect the firewood for free.

Plastic surgery

Unless you want a job as an extra in a horror film, then don’t waste your money. Grow old gracefully, because you look fabulous the way you were meant to be. If you want the truth about this ridiculously expensive industry then check out the once beautiful Brit Ekland.

Sweets and chocolate

Apart from a little dark chocolate every now and then to benefit the heart, sweets and chocolates are pointless luxuries that are unhealthy and expensive. The truth is that whilst your waistline may expand if you consistently consume too many sweets and chocolate, your bank balance certainly won’t.

Once you stop wasting so much money, it’s time to start thinking about saving for your future. If you haven’t got any idea about pensions, investments or annuities, now’s the time to start getting clued up!

This is a guest post by Harry Childs – a financial expert specialising in frugal living, ethical investments and pension annuities