Where is Hot in January?

where is hot in january

Escape the Winter Blues – Where is Hot in January?

By the time January comes out, the novelty of winter is well and truly over. After all, the only time in which snow is remotely pleasant, surely, is Christmas! Once Christmas is done, there’s simply no space left in my life for cold temperatures, miserable days and icy roads. If you’re a glutton for punishment, then stay right here in the UK and enjoy hideous weather. On the other hand, if you fancy escaping the misery for a couple of weeks in the sun, here are 5 places you might you want to go for some hot weather in January.


Lanzarote is in the Canary Islands, just a 4 hour and 25 minute flight time from the UK. Granted, it’s not absolutely scorching here in January. The average temperature is about 17 degrees Celsius (though it’s not unusual for it to surpass 20). But compared to the UK in January, this is positively tropical and you can normally bag some decent deals to the Canaries once the schools have gone back.

Perfect for a quick break without a long flight.

Cape Verde Islands

The Cape Verde Islands are much less popular with British tourists than the Canaries, which is somewhat surprising given that they’re not that much further away and the weather is usually better in winter. It’s hot here in January, with temperatures of, on average, 23 degrees. I’ll take that in winter, please!

It’s just under 6 hours in terms of flight time, so not quite as quick as the Canaries, but still not particularly far either. That said, with fewer flights to the Cape Verde Islands than the Canaries, my personal experience has been that flights tend not to be as cheaply available. That might well matter if you’ve been hammering the ol’ bank account over Christmas!

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Whenever I’m asked where’s hot in January (and not on the other side of the planet), Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh springs to mind. It benefits from the North African climate, so it’s never really cold! In January, while Britain shivers and complains about the cold, Sharm El Sheikh enjoys temperatures of an pleasant 18 degrees average. Again, not boiling. But certainly warm compared to shivery Britain. You can fly there in around 6 hours, so again, perfectly accessible.

With an significant number of British tourists visiting the resort, flights tend to be readily available, though package holidays are often the most cost effective way to enjoy the Egyptian winter sunshine.


A little further afield, now, granted, but Goa is simply stunning in January. It’s hot, with¬†average¬†temperatures of 25 degrees. With a flight time of 10 hours, it’s not ideal for those looking for a quick break of a few days, but for the Brits sick of brr-ing and looking for some genuinely scorching sunshine, Goa is an ideal choice.


Again, the Maldives isn’t exactly close by. But this is the hottest of our picks in January, with average temperatures of 27 degrees. It’s not uncommon for the thermometer to tip 30 in January here. Again, you’re looking at a 10 hour flight time, but if you’re serious about some sun and you really do want to swelter by the pool or the (pure white sand) beaches, then this is a good shout. You can’t exactly get a bargain deal here, mind! It’s a destination often associated with more luxury travel.

Where’ve you been sunning yourself in January?

Let us know the winter sunshine spots we’ve missed. We know there’s a ton not included here (Dubai, Kenya, Mexico, Cuba, Gambia….), so fill us in. Let us know where you’ve been spending January holidays and what the weather was like.




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