Where is Hot in May?

where is hot in may


Where’s Hot in May?

May’s a great time for a break. It’s Spring in the UK, but nonetheless you’re never guarantee pleasant weather here! Easter’s gone but May does have a couple of Bank Holidays you can take advantage of! And, for those just looking for a short hop over onto the continent, Europe is, by now, starting to heat up a bit! But where is hot enough for sun-seekers looking for a break in May?


We talk time and time again about the wonderful weather the Canaries has to offer. After all, it never really ever suffers cold! But in May, it really is starting to get lovely. Although the average temperature in Tenerife in May is 18 degree Celsius, but it’s not uncommon for 21, 22 or 23 in the popular tourist resorts.

You can fly here in little over 4 hours from the UK.

Kos, Greece

Greece has so many holiday resorts to offer that picking one can seem an impossible task. But Kos really does have a lot to offer. Aside from its beautiful scenery and bustling tourism industry, the weather is simply wonderful. Here, it’s hot in May! You can expect average temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius but highs of 25 or 26! Yes please!

This is another destination that can be reached in around 4 hours from the UK.

Marrakech, Morocco

Beautiful Marrakech is becoming increasingly popular with British tourists. And in May, the weather here is often simply stunning. Average temperatures are 22 degrees Celsius or so, but don’t be surprised to experience highs of 26 or even 27. Don’t forget the factor forty!

Flight duration is around 4 hours from the UK.

Mombasa, Kenya

There are some beautiful beaches around Kenya’s Mombasa and the weather is good all year round. In May, however, you can find yourself bathing on the beach in temperatures of an average of 26 degrees! It’s certainly not unheard of for May temperatures in Mombasa to get beyond 30. Phew!

That is really hot and not for those who prefer milder climes! Definitely don’t forget the sunscreen if you head here in May.

This isn’t just a quick flight, however. It will take around 9 hours to fly from the UK to Mombasa.

Rio de Janiero, Brazil

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous (and don’t mind a flight duration of 11 hours from the UK or so) then Rio de Janiero might be just your thing. Arguably the party capital of the South American continent, Rio is also a hit with sun seekers! Is it hot in May? You bet! Average May temperatures soar to a sizzling 28 degrees Celsius and it’s fairly common to see the mercury settle at well over 30 degrees!

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