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WordPress recently celebrated its 10th birthday! The world’s favourite blogging platform has, in the past decade, evolved to become so much more than that, now used for commercial websites with varied functionality as well as just blogs.

To celebrate the 10th birthday of WordPress, we have 10 mind blowing facts about the platform.

1. WordPress now powers 18% of the web!

In WordPress’ own 10th birthday blog post, it mentioned that it now powers 18% of the web! Phenomenal achievement.

2. 47.8 million new WordPress blog posts each month

Yep! There are almost 50 million new blog posts published on WordPress.com hosted blogs every single month globally. When you consider the self-hosted blogs aren’t even included in this, it’s an impressive feat!

3. 62.4 million new comments per month

That’s 62.4 million comments that¬†crucially¬†pass Akismet spam filtering each month. Phenomenal. Again, these figures relate just to the WordPress.com hosted blogs and don’t take into account self-hosted WordPress supported websites.

4. 28.3 million files uploaded to WordPress per month

There are a massive 28.3 million files uploaded to WordPress powered sites each month. That includes images, PDFs, audio files and a host of others! Figures again just relate to WordPress.com hosted websites.

5. 7.9 million pages published per month

In addition to the 47.8 million WordPress posts published every month on WordPress.com, WordPress users are also publishing close to 8 million pages on WordPress.com.

6. 52% of the top 100 blogs use WordPress

Over half of the Technoratic top 100 blogs are powered by WordPress.

7. There are more than 67 million WordPress Websites in the world

And that number is growing and growing and growing. WordPress has a counter! Stats from WordPress, at the time of writing, all related to wordpress.com hosted sites only and don’t include figures relating to self hosted blogs.

8. There are more than 24,000 plugins available for WordPress

That’s 24,000 in WordPress’ own database! This won’t include any plugins not listed in the main database.

9. More than 72 million theme downloads

That’s actually 72.5 million (at the time of writing) downloads from the WordPress official theme directory. Of course, there’s millions and millions more from 3rd party developers whose themes are not listed on the directory. WordPress keeps count of its theme downloads here.

10. Most popular theme – Responsive

In terms of downloads from the WordPress theme directory, the most popular is Responsive, which (at the time of writing) has been downloaded just over 14,000 times.

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